Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cafe Giulia

Cafe Giulia is a popular haunt for Usyd students due to its proximity, HUGE portion and small price. Most of the menu are under $10, with some around $15. The portion size will satisfy any growing boy.

The menu is very extensive, from egg dishes to any bread stuff to pasta to salad to muesli.

The poached eggs were cooked perfectly, with runny yolks and all mmm... And boy, those were the biggest eggs I'd ever eaten! (yes, the plates were pretty big and piled high with stuff). They were very generous with the bacons too. The smoked salmon breakfast had a nice balance of flavour and I liked the potato hash. Lastly, the scrambled eggs (with extra hash) were massive! The eggs covered pretty much the whole plate. I guess they must've used at least 3 of the same mega big eggs. This will satisfy any cravings for scrambled eggs.

Overall, a nice all-rounder cafe, a must for egg lovers like myself. Will definitely be back soon with a big appetite! Since they have an open kitchen, be prepared to smell like a fried egg after your visit there.

Cafe Giulia 
92 Abercrombie St
Chippendale NSW