Sunday, February 13, 2011

Volcano Roll at Sushi Train

It's been months since the last time I updated this *gulps* Life has been hectic around the end of last year and laziness got the better of me :P Anyhow, happy new year 2011, happy chinese new year and happy early valentine's day! ;)

I believe Sushi Train was one of the first conveyor belt sushi places in Sydney, which is why many people refers to other sushi establishments with conveyor belt as 'Sushi train'.

It may not be as popular as when it first started because of the competition these days, but I have a firm favourite that I will always order everytime I go there - the Volcano roll!

If you have been to Kobe Jones, you must've tried their divine volcano rolls, for like $30 per portion. Sushi Train has the smaller version at $5 each!!! They taste almost as good too.

Volcano rolls - mini cream cheese rolls slathered with grilled scallops and crab sticks in mayonnaise and teriyaki sauce topped with fish roe

That blob of fish roe was supposed to be on top of the 'volcano' but it fell down when the waiter gave the plate to me. The volcano rolls is a nice balance between the sweet teriyaki sauce, savoury cream cheese, and the creamy mayonnaise. The whole thing is then blowtorched to give it a nice smoky flavour. MUST TRY!

This is only available in selected Sushi Train outlets (most of them should have this I think), and normally only for order. I'm sure they will get snatched away the moment they enter the conveyor belt :P

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  1. This looks tasty! Very Kobe Jones-esque!

  2. ive actually never ever seen a volcano roll! man ive been missing out

  3. Tee hee - that's my favourite at Sushi Train too!

  4. That is without a doubt my favorite sushi of all times! Cant got wrong with mayo, crabs and fish roe!