Sunday, March 6, 2011

Vacanza Pizzeria

I recently had a catch up with my dear vegetarian friend. We were planning to check out Iku wholefood in Bronte, but the food looked too healthy for us and we spotted a new pizzeria a few doors down the road. After a quick look up in eatability, this place had a whooping 8.7 ratings! So here we go :)

The place was like a bistro with a nice ambience, but low lighting so pardon the quality of the photos! It was a really nice place for a girly catch up though.

They have a large selection of vegetables, cheese, and cured meats for antipasto that can be completely customised. One portion (50g) costs $5.

Baked ricotta, basil & garlic grilled capsicum ($10), plus foccacia crust ($6) 

The friendly waiter suggested the foccacia crust so we can spread the baked ricotta on them. The foccacia crust came out warm and crusty on the outside and soft on the inside, it was one of the best I have had so far! The baked ricotta was nice and creamy, a perfect match with the foccacia crust.

Villa Verde - tomato, fior di latte, char grilled eggplant, fresh roasted tomato, provolene & basil

For me, pizza = meat, so this was actually my first time eating a vegetarian pizza and I thought it would have been fairly bland. But oh boy, how I was mistaken! I don't even know how to start describing this pizza, but the crust was the same as the foccacia crust we had for the entree, crusty on the outside, soft and pillowy on the inside, not too thick or too thin. The tomato base was really fresh, I could tell that it wasn't made with the canned tomatoes. The creamy cheese went really well with the slightly tangy tomato base. The star of this pizza was actually the roasted tomatoes! I am no vegie expert but I could tell that they were insanely fresh. When I bit into them, they burst in my mouth with all the freshness and flavour. The char grilled eggplant gave a nice touch too.

We were eyeing on the nutella calzone, but we were too full by the end of the meal, next time my babies! I will try the meat based pizza too next time.

Upon further research, it turned out that this place was voted as one of Sydney's best new pizza joints by Timeout magazine. Hopefully they can maintain the quality for a long time to come, unlike most other good restaurants.

Vacanza Pizzeria
261 Bronte Rd
Waverley, NSW 2024


  1. oh yum i love provolone on a pizza!

  2. Might be vegetarian, but it looks totally delicious...!!

  3. I went here just after it opened and I was also impressed. Lezat sekali! P.S I have a soft spot for Indo food too because I studied Indonesian at school and uni.

  4. @suze: I'm always on a lookout for a good pizza joint :D

    @cooking gallery: thanks for dropping by! it's changed my mind on vegetarian pizza!

    @kate: woah I'm actually an Indo, proud to hear that you were learning our language :D

  5. looks good! Veggie pizza but still can have cheese, I think I can still enjoy hehehe

  6. The foccacia crust sure looks good. I love having vego pizza every now and again :) Thanks for the review

  7. this pizza looks and sounds great! will have to keep an eye out the next time i am doing the coastal run, i can eat all the calories that i burnt off? even-even, lolz