Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cheese fondue at Eiger Swiss Restaurant

One cold day I was craving for cheese fondue and a search in google took me to this restaurant in Parramatta Rd. As with most restaurants along that street, the front of the restaurant looked very run down but don't let that put you off.

The decor of the restaurant looked very homey and authentic. The owner was being very friendly in a strange way but it's not for me to judge I guess. Onto the food!

Snails in garlic butter (1/2 doz) ($11.50)

Crusty bread for the dipping action

Cheese fondue for 4 ($25/person)

Cheese porn

We started with an entree of snails in garlic butter. They were yum and we used the bread provided to mop up the sauce. And then a HUGE bowl of the molten cheese came in for our dipping pleasure. The cheese used was really sharp with strong alcohol flavour, which I think what an authentic cheese fondue should taste like (Emmenthal, gruyere, and lots of wine + kirsch lol). One of us was actually not a huge fan of sharp tasting cheese and he wasn't fond of that. I, as a proud cheese lover, absolutely savoured this! The 3 girls managed to mop up the whole bowl!

Some rules of cheese fondue that I know of:
- No double dipping!
- Each piece of bread must have the crusty part
- Use the crusty part to mop the different side of the bowl each time you dip it in to prevent the cheese from burning
- At the end of the dipping action, there will be this crust of cheese left in the bottom of the bowl, try not to fight for that.

Eiger Swiss Restaurant
552 Parramatta Road
NSW 2049
(02) 9564 1160


  1. I've driven past this place for YEARS and have always wondered what it was like...and now I know. That cheese looks so naughty...and yum.

  2. I've been looking for a good place to have fondue in Sydney... Parramatta is a bit too far away for me but the photos make it almost seem worth the trip.

  3. Good job for posting again! I've finally posted one blog this month hahahaha... We need to be better!

    How was the snails?

  4. OMG i didnt know this restaurant existed. I needs the cheese!! i have a le creuset fondue set i inherited somehow and i am so going the fondue this winter!

  5. Hi Fluffy

    Great post! I have always wondered where I could find escargot in Sydney. We walked into this restaurant once on passing and remember there was a very strong aroma in the dining room. We might give it a go this winter.

  6. oh my effin god!! ive been looking for a cheese fondue place since i knew about them! the only place i know was the swisshotel..shit, i have such a big craving for it now D: ur fault!

  7. I didn't know they had cheese fondue in Sydney! MUST VISIT!!
    The best cheese fondue I've ever had was in Japan and I'm hoping to find something similar in Sydney somewhere.

  8. @misspiggy: you should try it out!

    @lateraleating: It's actually around Petersham area, on Parramatta Rd. Swissotel has cheese fondue too but never tried that :P

    @lifeis2munch: snails were good :)

    @alimentarytrack: you can make your own cheese fondue, with lots of booze heheh

    @chopinandmysaucepan: yeah it's such a comfort food for winter!

    @sugarpuffi: have you tried swissotel?

    @ayana: swissotel has cheese fondue too but never tried that. Where is this best ever cheese fondue place in Japan?

  9. That is one big pot o' cheese - did it come with anythong other than bread for dipping?

  10. Holy. That is alot of cheese. I have the same question as miss piggy- could you order other condiments? And how much was it?

  11. @tina + jeanne: cheese fondue traditionally comes with only bread for dipping, so that's the only condiment they have, but they do have other stuff in the menu like schnitzel etc