Saturday, October 2, 2010

Barbecue madness at Atelier

Today was the barbecue madness that marks the beginning of my favourite event of the year, the good food month! After stuffing myself with free yummy food samples (the most important thing!) and food tasting at SMH growers market at Pyrmont, I headed off to Atelier restaurant in Glebe for their pork extravaganza. When I was browsing through the massive list in the SIFF website, I caught a glimpse of this word:

'roast pork on the spit'

....and I was instantly sold.

Oh, hello. This baby greeted us at the entrance to the restaurant.

The pork extravaganza was $35/person that included canapes, salad bar, UNLIMITED roast pork, dessert. I seriously think that this package has the best value out of all the offers for SIFF.

We started the feast with a piece of panini from Brasserie Bread along with this awesome butter. The waitstaff said it was some kind of French butter mmm.. I could've eaten a few of this but pork > bread so I had to restrain myself from doing so.

The canapes were deep fried John Dory cakes and marinated wagyu beef with some vegies.

The fish cake was nice but I couldn't really taste the beef in the little tartlet.

The salad bar had a selection of garden salad, Greek salad, and potato salad with chorizo, along with a pile of panini from Brasserie Bread.

I didn't take a photo of the salad bar, so this is my first sample on my plate. The chorizo was moreish and the pile of bread was so tempting! Yes, I love my bread and butter.

Not long after that, the first plate of pork goodness came.

They were very generous with the serving. This plate was pretty humongous! The pork had nice cracklings and the meat was very tender, juicy, and according to my dining companion, did not have the porky taste that some not-very-well-cooked pork may have.

After we polished the plate of pork goodness, the waiter collected the plate and he asked 'Would you want a bit more pork?'



The second round came. Sadly, we were pretty full after this plate. Considering that we had to save a room for dessert, we concurred defeat at this point. We could've had at least another plate had we not eaten so much at the SMH market beforehand *sadface*

We were given a selection of chocolate mousse and tiramisu for the dessert. Being a smart couple that we are, we chose one of each.


It was everything a tiramisu was meant to be; savoriadi nicely soaked with coffee liquor and creamy mascarpone.

Chocolate mousse

The chocolate mousse was smooth and intense, combined with whipped cream and cherry soaked with liquor.

A fruit platter magically appeared at the salad bar as a finishing touch for this great feast.

Overall, the food had really good quality, as expected from Atelier restaurant. I should try their regular menu sometime in the future.

Restaurant Atelier
22 Glebe Point Road
Glebe NSW 2037
(02) 9566 2112


  1. the pig looks so cute! still a bit :( they didnt put an apple in its mouth hehehe

  2. omg looks so nice, just like babi guling!!!