Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sugar hit at Guylian Cafe

I get quite skeptical when huge chocolate brands start opening their cafe (Lindt, Guylian). I feel that the yumminess of their chocolate products can't be translated into their cafe products like cakes, cookies, etc. The local cafe's still win hands down for that matter.

Thus, when I saw Guylian cafe in the list for Sugar Hit, I never really considered that until I saw this.

OMG how good does that look?!

And so, I dragged the boy with me for a post-dinner dessert on the next day.

When we were about to order, we thought, rather than having two identical sugar hits, why don't we order one sugar hit and another Guylian cake? And I asked for a hot chocolate instead of the matching wine since I don't really like sparkling wines.

Guylian's hot chocolate

Rich rich rich hot chocolate. A cup of steaming hot chocolate poured on a piece of chocolate until it's all melted and gooey and then you stir them together creating an awesome chocolate shot.

And here comes the original sugar hit dessert...

Grand Forest - baked chocolate cake with layered of grand marnier strawberries, kirsch dark cherries, raspberry creme patissiere, sandwiched between two layers of thin white chocolate discs and sprayed with white chocolate. Accompanied by strawberry popping candy chocolate, caramel honeycomb, and dark chocolate stick.
It tasted as good as it looks! It was basically a black forest cake with a twist of berries and it was around the size of my fist. Due to the abundance of the berries and cherries, it wasn't too chocolate-y rich. The boy made all the pretty layers collapse after the first scoop lol. I only had one popping candy in my chocolate and the boy was sad since he didn't get any. The caramel honeycomb was soft and light, and the chocolate stick reminded me of a pocky.

The sugar hit was really nice and not overly sweet/rich, until we realised that we might have made a mistake by ordering this.

100% pure pleasure - Belgian chocolate mousse with almond panna cotta and Guylian chocolate ganache adorned by chocolate plates

In other words, this cake is all sorts of chocolate. The 'cake' or mousse itself was actually very smooth and decadently rich. But, only for chocolate lovers! I would have enjoyed this so much more, had I not devoured a cup of thick hot chocolate AND a sugar hit dessert, after having dinner. Since the boy only had a few scoops of each cake and a sip of the hot chocolate, it was a one woman job to finish all those three.

By the end of the night, I had this massive sugar stroke. My head was pounding. I felt really sluggish till the next morning lol I could've failed a glucose tolerance test if I were to have one. Oh well, I guess there is a thin line between pleasure and pain, and that cake was truly 100% pure pleasure ;)

Guylian Belgian Chocolate Cafe
Level Ground, 91 George Street
The Rocks, NSW 2000


  1. aweee u shouldve shared ur popping candy with ur boy. the chocolate mousse looks like a heart stopper :P

  2. The 100% pure pleasure is for a true chocoholic :P

  3. Oh, I really like how the hot chocolate is presented!

    But I do agree with you. Always wary of the brand names who turn into cafe. Like Lindt! Their sydney branch is pretty good but the Melbourne ones are just... bad.

  4. I absolutely love the Guylian Cafe. It is my idea of Heaven! They always have such wonderful chocolates there!