Sunday, October 10, 2010

Breakfast on the bridge

I woke up at 5am this morning when the sky was still dark. I was one of the lucky 6,000 people to attend the breakfast on the bridge. Well, technically I didn't get the ticket myself but my boyfriend managed to get one for both of us, very lucky indeed. We reached Milsons Point station at around 7am and we joined my friend and her group.

On the entrance, there were a lot of stalls for Allpress coffee where you can grab free coffee/hot chocolate. I was gonna get a cup of hot chocolate but when I saw them squirting a bottle of chocolate sauce for the hot chocolate, err... no thanks!

As we were walking to the ticket inspection area, it started pouring, booo!

The breakfast on the bridge this year had a football theme. I heard it was for the bid for Australia to host the 2018/2022 FIFA world cup. There were lots of random soccer balls, a fountain for decorations at the entrance, as well as people dressed in interesting costumes.

After the ticket inspection, there were some people distributing bags of freebies with rain poncho and some yummy goodies.

Nudie's apple & apple juice, Wallaby's macadamia nut butter, an orange

The Nudie's juice was unexpectedly very yummy! Much better than a regular Berri's apple juice. I shall start trying out their products from now on.

After we laid down our food, a guy from Brasserie Bread came over to our spot and gave us some organic sultana loaves.

Organic sultana loaf from Brasserie Bread

That was a nice surprise and the sourdough bread was beautiful as expected from Brasserie Bread. The sultana pieces were juicy and plump as they were soaked in apple juice beforehand. The bread went very well with the macadamia nut butter we received from the freebie bag earlier. Apparently they have started selling the loaves in the Banksmeadow store now.

After a while, the rain started clearing up and the weather was really nice for a picnic.

The 6 lanes on the harbour bridge that I have driven past so many times!

My friend was wearing this I Zumbo T-shirt that he received at the Zumbo event at Mid City mall a few weeks ago. Even the people next to us asked him if they could take a photo of him and the T-shirt lol.

About an hour after the rain cleared up, we were instructed to pack up our goodies as the event was about to wind up in 15 minutes. They did that by blowing the whistles and giving out yellow cards (soccer theme!), which was followed by red cards that signalled the end of the event.

The weather was really nice and sunny when we were walking towards the Rocks. If only the event started an hour later it would have been perfect! But we certainly didn't let the rain dampen our spirits and we braved the elements till the end. Everyone in our group had a great time despite the initial hiccup from the mother nature :)


  1. aw shame about the rain but you were so lucky to have scored the elusive bridge tix!

  2. i was looking for this, wanted to hear all about it! i remember last year the weather was overcast too and we were fearing the worst. luckily it didn't rain until after things wrapped up.

    but how amazing it is to be sitting on green grass and served freebies on an iconic structure you've only driven through. oh and that macadamia butter looks interesting. any good?

  3. Sounds lovely! So jealous in Wagga ;) Will make a mental note to try and score some tix next year. Possibly get a bf(s) to help up the chances :P

  4. @suze: I'm pretty sure if you get as much friends/family members as you can to submit the application for this, you will get it :P

    @shal: the macadamia butter is goood, I scored 2 tubs heheh.. or more like me snatching away hao's share :D

    @tina: try next year!

    @ange: omg you have a blog! will check it out :D

  5. hello fellow blogger! Yeah shame about the rain, but it was still awesome to be there :D

  6. i saw your friend in the zumbo shirt!! haha does he by any chance go to unsw? i swear i've seen him before

  7. Let's do lunch Stephanie~! Email me --> ;-) Anyone else who is interested, please drop me an email too!