Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I love Japanese food.

When dining out in Japanese restaurants, however, I never understood why people would order chicken karaage, since (at least in Sydney) they are normally pretty dry and bland, give me my KFC anytime! Why would you order that when there are other more delicious stuff like tonkatsu, tempura, etc etc...

BUT, there is one exception to this. 

Chikyuya, which literally translates into the restaurant earth, is located at the quieter side of Bondi Junction despite being right next to the Westfield. In this restaurant, you won't find those dry and bland pieces of deep fried chicken, but instead...

Chicken karaage with teriyaki sauce
Their chicken karaage is always juicy, succulent with nice crunchy coating smothered in sweet teriyaki sauce. You can opt for the sweet chilli sauce too, but teriyaki sauce is my personal favourite. And I would always ask for an extra mayonnaise for the dipping sauce on the side, although the chicken karaage is already flavoursome enough by itself.

Their gyoza is also as juicy as the chicken karaage. The juice actually drips out when you bite them nomnom..

Seaweed salad
I can't remember the prices for the food but they are very reasonable for Japanese food in Sydney (below $15). This place is definitely one of the best Japanese restaurants in Sydney IMO. They have been in business for many many years, known and loved by locals through the words of mouth, but not very publicised (YET!) for some reason, considering the amazing quality of their food. 

Shop 106, 106 Ebley St
Bondi Junction NSW 2022


  1. Ooh, the chicken karaage looks good! I tend not to order fried foods when I'm out (though I don't cook them at home either... ) but these ones don't look super greasy and looks really good!

    And juicy gyoza makes for amazing noms. Mmm.

  2. yum im always on the hunt for some good karaage cant wait to try these!

  3. @celeste: this place is really a hidden gem :D

    @suze: you gotta try them! :D

  4. I drive past this place almost every day and have always wondered what it's like. Good to hear you think it's a hidden gem. I love finding places like this in the East. I must check it out.