Tuesday, October 5, 2010

High tea - Mos cafe

I went for high tea with my cousin in Museum of Sydney cafe, also known as MoS cafe, located a block away from Circular Quay. This is a fairly new high tea institution, as they have just started serving high tea on their menu since July this year. The high tea is only offered on the weekends.

I managed to get a buy one get one free offer for the Moet & Chandon champagne package valued at $52/person, so I decided to stray away from my favourite high tea venue (The Tea Room) to try out this new place.

We were greeted with a glass of sparkling Moet & Chandon.

Sadly I can't drink any carbonated stuff, but the staff were very accommodating and they gave me a selection of wine. I ended up with a glass of Riesling which was quite yummy.

The 3 tiered high tea. The rack was a quite tall for some reason and we had to get up from our seat to reach the top tier.

The bottom tier - ribbon sandwiches. Cucumber sandwich with aioli and chives, poached chicken,housemade aioli & parsley, smoked salmon, capers & cream cheese, egg, mayonnaise & watercress.

The sandwiches were pretty good with fluffy bread and nice fillings.

The middle tier - the savouries. Plain and date baby scones, smoked leg ham & gruyere quiche, smoked salmon, dill & creme fraiche quiche, poached chicken & asparagus quiche, field mushroom & thyme quiche.

The quiches were nothing spectacular. The baby scones were VERY small, they are indeed babies. You could pop them in your mouth in one go slathered with lots of jam and cream. Although the scones weren't too bad, I was not too satisfied since scones are usually the main highlight in high tea for me.

The top tier - the sweets. Mini lemon curd tartlets, creme brulee tartlets with balsamic strawberries, dark chocolate cups with hazelnut pralines, belgium chocolate dipped strawberries, sweet ricotta filled baby cannoli.

For some reason, we only received one cannoli and one chocolate cup between two of us. I asked the staff about this and he said that it's normally like that. Hmm.. when my friends went there, each of them got one of each piece, how strange! Anyway, he was nice enough to give us another cannoli so yay! Overall, the sweets were nothing to rave about, but the cannoli was pretty decent. Perhaps all these years in The Tea Room has raised my standard for high tea.

The last but not least - the tea.

Strawberries and cream from T2.

They have a nice selection of tea from T2. And the best thing? You can ask for different types of tea without any extra surcharge! It's like all you can drink with T2 tea.

Overall, I think The Tea Room is still my favourite in terms of the high tea offering. But it was pretty nice to venture into another venue once in a while.

Museum of Sydney
37 Phillip St (Cnr Bridge St)
Sydney NSW 2000


  1. someone's been more diligent with updates i see! hahaha this is definitely a treat. i get to look at more food pics and drool on this end of the screen :)

  2. While the selection was quite varied, it seemed like the place really underwhelmed. Oh well, I guess at least now you know =)

  3. Yes you're right, sometimes you have to venture out and try new places in order to fully appreciate your regular favourites!

  4. Yum! I love high tea. It annoys me when they don't give 1 piece per person. As if you can share things that are already tiny! Glad they gave you another cannoli but what about the chocolate cup?

  5. shal: hehe just trying to drag my lazybum to do more updates :P

    celeste: yes I guess underwhelming would be the right word here.

    ladybird: haha you're right!

    anita: they didn't give us more chocolate cup but my cousin was generous enough to let me have that one piece :/

  6. I like the idea of baby scones. They don't fill you up as much. I also still like tea room the best so far :)

    great to meet you too! hope to see you soon. Btw do you have twitter? Us food bloggers are on on twitter ;)

  7. ALL YOU CAN DRINK T2. lol the inner asian in me just :D speaking of scones, if I ever get to go to CWA again, I will ask for their scone recipe...they were the best i've tasted ever!

  8. @julie: I've got a twitter account now! ;)

    @ange: lol we've only managed to get 3 different pots of tea, how fail :( the cwa scones recipe is everywhere on the net (http://www.abc.net.au/local/recipes/2004/09/17/1199471.htm) scones only have less than 5 ingredients but it's the technique! :/